Monday 3 March 2014

Philips Home Product Catalogue Summer Edition 1969

Now this was a bonus find I came across the other day and to me this is literally gold as it now allows me to actually date some of the sets I own.
One of my recent finds which was the 23" Panorama Consolette 521 I thought was quite an early F2ZN chassis but it appears not to be the case.
I also have the 17" Florida Sheerline Portable, 21" Narvik Consolette 534, 19" Luxembourg Table Model 500 and the 19" Compact Portable 532.
It would be great to have every set pictured on the the front page including those nice looking consoles, and you never know what may turn up yet...
Take a look at all the radio's and stereo console's that are there as well - Very retro indeed!

A long overdue update and some potentially good news on the TV collecting front...

Well a lot has happened since I last did any new posts or updates on here. I just looked through my older posts and saw the last time I 'actually' put up any new topics was back in December of 2012!

2013 wasn't a very pleasant year for us with me losing my job back in August and my wife tumbling down our stairs which resulted in major back surgery and then I had some health issues myself and its hard when you've got two small kids (2 & 4) on top of all that.

But things seem to be back on track now so lets hope 2014 is a better year! At least Cowan Audio Services seems to be doing well and I get to work on what I enjoy fixing which is mostly older audio equipment and also repairing new products under warranty too so pretty much doing all things audio/stereo across the board.

Now onto some exciting news on the TV front....It looks like I am potentially going to be ending up with more vintage sets due to a good contact I have struck up with at one of the local e-waste/electronic recycling outfits. They have agreed to save old TV sets that arrive and have already put old and interesting television sets aside for me. So far I have collected about four and you'll see of them appearing on here at some stage when I get time to post about them.
Also picked up more old sets over the past six or so months and a couple of these are up on You Tube so go to my channel and you'll see the new additions there.
So a big thank you to the lads at RCN..I really appreciate you guys taking the time to putting TV's aside for me.

So stay tuned for more updates and interesting new finds!