Saturday 28 April 2012

Black and White TV Advertising/Brochures

I recently got a box full of old television service information and whilst sifting through it all I came across a Home & Appliance Servicing Trade newspaper from April of 1965 and was pleased to find some TV advertising in it.
From this I can now accurately date my Admiral TV as one of the adverts shows a similar version of my set.
Any New Zealand TV set advertising I consider quite rare as most of sort of thing would have been disposed of many years ago.
The following has been scanned from that newspaper. Anything else I come across in the future will also be put here. Enjoy!

My Admiral is the basically same as the "Berwick" model apart from it being a console without the built in AM tuner.             


  1. The 23" Admiral was popular in Aust - featured horizontal chassis w/ PC boards, 12BY7 vid output AC coupled (no DC preservation or Restoration) so picture not really outstanding or amazing. But I once saw older 21"? vertical chassis Admiral in Aust that had a stunning picture, these were rare, would like to know more about their design (one could study mid 50's US Admirals for insights)

  2. Just had quick look the circuit for my Admiral and it too has a 12BY7 video output valve in the same configuration so probably if not the the same circuit. Same layout too with the chassis horizontal and pcbs. I was told that these Admirals weren't all that great...Oh well we shall see when I get mine going :-)

  3. Admiral picture very clean noise-wise probably because I.F. were minimally modified US NTSC spec giving rounded response - good for phase performance (no smear) but less detail. Also Video peaking also unmodified US? (optimised for only 4mhz response)
    Perhaps similar story for GE product line in Aust - like the 11" B&W portable with Compactrons but sporting a silly carry around satellite 240/120 transformer instead of Hot Chassis for US