Monday 30 July 2012

Pye T25Y 19" Slimline TV

Here is another version of the Pye T25Y. This one has a 19" picture tube and is a later production model made in 1971.
It does have legs but were removed when it was transported as this was part of the haul of old TV's that I got back in early January.
Quite a smart looking set with clean lines, Formica cabinet and I love the "Transistorised" slogan on the front. I guess Pye would have been moving the 'Solid State' slogan back then as it was 1970's and this chassis still uses mostly valves. Mind you valves were coming to end by this time and with colour being around the corner.
According the previous owner, this thing did work but not very well.
So just some pictures for now, will update when I get to working on this.


  1. Chassis looks like one from ubiquitous, top performing, 23" Pye 'Pedigree'(Aus). Wish we had one of those in the mid sixties instead of 23" Healing 'Colorado' (Sylvania knockdown?) with its noticeable IF-originated? video phase shift (smear).

  2. Our Pye sets were generally pretty good, and the design could well have been copied from one your native Australian models. Our Admiral sets copied from a US design were not that great so I've been told. Will see how my Admiral set performs when I get it going. Cheers!

  3. I worked on many Pye sets in Australia including Pedigrees and I've never seen that chassis before. Looks like a compactron in the horizontal. I can only remember T23s then T26 chassis and I worked for a Pye dealer at the time. Always wondered if there was a T24 and T25 chassis. Looks like they were NZ only. Great set by the looks of it, nice to see them preserved.