Thursday 9 May 2019

Update - I've resurfaced...

Hi everyone, well I'm back! To cut a long story short since I last updated this site, due to not being able to login for ages but today have reconfigured settings and now I can access everything. There have been a couple of relocations and a house move so all of my stuff is finally out of storage and back home, and this means I can rekindle the interest with my old TV sets again. Have a workshop set up and access to sets/parts/service info is easy once again. So stay tuned for future updates.


  1. Crusty Old TV Tech from the Colonies, here. Good to hear you're back. BTW, on that Admiral, if you get a few, you may find the US "clone" you're looking for in an old Beitman manual, now graciously digitized and on the web by David Gleason. Here's a link to all the Beitman manuals, radio and TV:


    1. Hi there and thanks for the kind words! I'll take a look at the link, I seem to recall someone here in NZ saying the NZ made Admiral was a US clone or copy of something, maybe Philco? Anyway hope to post some more goodies up on here in the future :-) Cheers! Glen