Wednesday 5 June 2019

A tribute to You Tube member Edward Jones aka "Aussie50"

For those of you who are part of the You Tube community and have watched Aussie50's videos over the years, Ed tragically took his own life between the 28th & 29th of June 2019.

As a sufferer of depression in some form or another, I have been through some rough times and know what its like to feel that things aren't worth it anymore, but for some the pain and suffering is too much and they need a release from the torture and I guess Ed felt that was the only way out and now that pain has gone and hopefully his soul has now been set free and he is now at rest.

This has rattled me quite a bit and is a very sobering reminder that us as males need to speak up and talk to someone if we are struggling/having bad thoughts or feelings.

Be rest assured that I am OK and just expressing my feelings on here, I have a very supportive partner and friends/family around me.

So where ever you are in the universe Ed may you rest in peace and I may bump into you on the other side someday. If we do meet up I'd love to do an old washing machine EOL with you or even better destory a TV using a 1 ton machine press!

Link to Aussie50's Channel - LINK

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