Saturday 25 June 2011

Philips Z19T532 19" Portable TV

This Philips 19 inch b/w TV was made by Philips New Zealand. The circuit design was copied/based from a European Philips and the chassis was known here as the "F2ZN"
This set has no power transformer, has a live chassis with large dropping resistors and the filament chain is series wired and the valves are all Philips P series.
The F2ZN chassis was widely used in a variety of Philips models and screen sizes. This set would date around the mid 1960's at a guess. I have a few F2ZN variants in my collection will which appear on here soon.
The F2 was good performer and gave a nice picture and had great sound due to the Hi-Z audio stage, but they had a high failure rate with LOPT's and suffered from dry solder joints due to the heat generated within the set. Also the pcb copper tracks fractured easily and broke if disturbed too much.
This particular set was bought recently for a very nominal sum and is in very good condition, I don't think this one has seen much use. I have not tried it so no idea if it even works... I will report back when I get around to firing it up.


Speaker Grille

Chassis view

Line Output/EHT section

Valve chart/layout

Another chassis view

Back removed

Back of set

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  1. there seems to be no video/audit inputs at the rear, what's the input with two holes at the back of set?