Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pye T25Y 16" Portable TV

Here is a smaller set from my collection, it has a 16 inch CRT and of a hybrid construction so has valves and transistors combined together. Has a total of nine valves.
This one was manufactured around 1969 which was getting towards the end of the monochrome era. I believe that black & whites sets stopped being made here in 1973 with the advent of colour just around the corner.
These were popular sets in their day and were pretty reliable, this one I've owned for many years and recall getting it for free. I did work on it briefly back in 2003 and from memory had some problems with the vertical and didn't go any further with it.
Nice and easy to work and nothing in these are too difficult to get at. The flyback sections uses a compactron valve 38HE7. This valve has the boost diode and line output pentode all in one. A lot of American sets used valves like this in their portables and larger sets as well.
So just some photos for now...Enjoy!



Chassis hinged down

Close up of line output/EHT section

Valve/Transistor locations.


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    1. we need these in shops now, not the cheap plastic made in china crap we have today.

    2. Yes the quality of TV sets is not like it was years ago. Shame really. Cheers.

  2. """"" Excelente """""
    saludos desde Argentina

    1. this is when Britain and America and other country's made there own stuff not giving china the ingredients or making them make cheap plastic shit we have now which to me look bitter and lake of quality and style, design, taste it goes on apart from its more advance with pointless 3D technology.

    2. Couldn't agree with you more on this... Cheers.

  3. This set looks pretty nice! id love to collect one of these one day along with those little orange AWA sets